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QEDT Version 3

QEDT version 3 is a stand-alone, TAPI-enabled file transfer utility specialized in automating use of the Electronic Data Transfer (EDT) service of the Ontario Ministry of Health. QEDT is for Ontario health care providers who bill the Ontario Ministry of Health, enabling them to access EDT functions with maximum speed and efficiency.

If you are an Ontario health care provider, you can try QEDT at no charge for up to 30 days. Note that you will need to have your EDT account set up with MOH in order to use QEDT.

Since QEDT specializes in EDT functions, it can integrate well with the QPraxis medical practice management system, or other software that creates MOH claim submission and OBEC (Overnight Batch Eligibility Checking) files and/or processes MOH files such as OBEC and Claims Error reports and remittance advice (RA) files.

QEDT simply uses upload and download directories that you designate, to upload your claim submission and OBEC files to MOH and download files sent to you from MOH. Check out QEDT's features.

The free trial version of QEDT is limited to 30 days, beginning when you first run QEDT (not when you install it). It is fully functional, allowing you to use MOH EDT functions to upload/download your files to your MOH GONet account during the trial period. Download the QEDT free, time-limited trial version. Note that you are allowed one free trial period for QEDT, regardless of the QEDT version (not a separate free trial period for each version of QEDT). You are allowed a separate free trial period on each PC where you run QEDT.

Support for QEDT is the documentation on this web site (www.quillfire.com/qedt). Additional support is available on a prepaid basis.

If you wish to continue using QEDT after trying it, you simply register it for a fee of $89.95 (plus GST).

QEDT Source Code Purchase

Serious offers to purchase the QEDT source code will be considered.


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