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Quillfire - Shaping Information into Understanding

How can Quillfire help you shape complex management information into a clear, concise package for executive decision-making?

Let's say you're a manager. You're handling a complicated set of information. You have it down cold - that's not a problem. Few, if any, comprehend its intricacies as well as you do. But you have to communicate your concept to executives who don't understand it and who aren't yet concerned with it, but should be. You have to compete with high-level priorities for their attention.

What you have are rough sketches, pages of data printouts, and ideas. What you need are colour graphs, flowcharts, perhaps maps or photos, clear text, a professional briefing document, or an electronic presentation - you're not exactly sure.

And you've got one day.

Enter Quillfire. Our team members have the track record:

briefing books for cabinet ministers
presentations for Treasury Board
information packages for MPs
charts for ADMs
screenshows for directors
flowcharts for managers
overheads for engineers
maps, photos
orgcharts and timelines
posters and display panels
single pages to annual reports
fast turnaround for tight deadlines
cost-effective colour printing
services in English or French

…all this and more.

Call us. We're small, we're personal, we're fast, we're high quality. One of the Quillfire team is available to sit down with you, understand your needs quickly, and offer creative solutions.

Concise charts, clear writing, custom graphics - we'll help you communicate your message convincingly.


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