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Web Site Services - Summary List

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How Quillfire Can Help You

It’s one thing to have great ideas, but rolling out the finished product may be more than your busy schedule will allow. On the other hand, your organization may have already produced a web site but you find that you are unable to update and maintain it to keep it fresh and current.

From a single custom graphic to animated banners, to complete web site hosting solutions, Quillfire can provide the expertise to produce what you need for a polished, professional web site. Consider the following key factors:


Have you noticed how many corporate web sites suffer from basic quality problems? Poor writing, lack of content, inattention to detail, insufficient maintenance and technical glitches plague the web. At Quillfire, the emphasis is on quality and while no one can claim perfection, we are meticulous in detail and committed to excellence. Quillfire’s team members bring a high standard of quality honed by years of producing presentation documents for federal cabinet ministers and senior officials.


What are your needs? Quillfire will help you determine what you are trying to achieve with your web site. You might need an electronic version of a brochure, a showcase for your work, a secondary point of contact, to provide public service information, or simply to generate numbers of "hits". Depending on the kind of business you’re in, the audience you’re targeting and your assumptions about their technical resources, we help you focus your ideas and your preferred style in the most appropriate web presentation.

Content and Structure

People will access your web site for a reason – to find information. What information will be available on your web site and how will your audience access it? The organization and navigation of your web site must direct people quickly and simply to the content they need. Quillfire can help you make analytical decisions about your content, ensuring clarity and style. From grammar and spelling to total presentation, we can write, edit and proofread your message, and help you communicate in an appealing, logical and straightforward way.


What types of graphics do you want on your site? This will depend on your overall purpose: do you want to build a striking, "Click HERE!" site, one that is low key and subtle or something in between? The overall design of your web site, including your logo (existing or designed by Quillfire), colour schemes, background, fonts and individual graphics makes as much of a statement about your site as the content.

Quillfire can take your existing graphics and convert them for web publishing, or if you feel your web site would benefit from our custom graphics, we will design static or animated graphics, including web banners, to convey your message. We know how downloading time makes file sizes critical – we can minimize file size and produce effective graphics.

Advanced Features

Do you have special requirements? Quillfire will assist you in assessing whether or not your web site could benefit from more advanced features such as indexing, ASP, CGI scripts, JavaScript and Java, site search engine, static/dynamic databases, sound, video, commerce and security features, as appropriate.

Web Server Logging and Statistics Analysis

With the latest Internet technologies, you can almost tell what people are thinking as they navigate through your site. Where they come from, which links they explore, how long they stay on any one of your pages, and whether or not they download files – Quillfire can provide this valuable information for you.

Updating and Maintenance

How can you keep people returning to your site? Not unrelated to general quality problems, is the problem of "stale" sites. Your audience will soon remove you from their "favourites" list if they access it month after month only to find outdated content and unchanged graphics. But however important, keeping a web site fresh can be one more time-consuming task which is not always at the top of your priority list. Quillfire will analyze your site, and help you decide where to make changes, whether it’s total re-design, the addition of content and graphics, a re-arrangement of your site’s structure, or some combination of these elements – all according to your requirements and budget.

You may have a site in which information must be frequently updated – a publication, for instance, requiring monthly or quarterly updates. This turn-over of material can create great strain on an organization; Quillfire will have your content uploaded accurately and in a timely fashion.

Technical Quality Assurance/Browser Compatibility

Browser compatibility is an important factor in web site design which is often overlooked, either inadvertently or deliberately. Quillfire verifies the details of every page on both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer.

404 File Not Found

Few things are more frustrating on the Internet than to come across dead links. A vital part of maintaining a web site is verifying any external links.

Web Site Services - Summary List

browser compatibility
CGI scripts (Perl, PHP)
commerce and security features
Common Look and Feel (Government of Canada web sites)
databases: static/dynamic
domain name search/registration
dynamic menus
GIS (ESRI ArcView)
graphics/logos: static/animated
graphics: print, converted to digital format
link verification: external/internal
Macromedia Dreamweaver
maps: drill-down systems
PDF (Adobe Acrobat portable document format)
server logging/statistics analysis
site search engine
technical quality assurance

Quillfire can provide quality web site design and maintenance for your organization.

See our Web Site Planning Guide to start the ball rolling on your web site now!

Other Quillfire services:

Presentation Materials
Custom Geographic Information

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