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We make the maps you want with the data you want, for print or screen.

  • Quillfire uses GIS (mapping) software and data from ESRI (Environmental Systems Research Institute - www.esri.com, www.esricanada.com) to produce custom printed and electronic maps for our clients.
  • Your data is presented effectively on custom maps to meet your needs.
  • Quillfire produces printed maps in-house very cost-effectively at sizes up to 17" x 22" (larger sizes out-sourced).
  • We also provide high-quality electronic maps for the web in GIF, JPG or PDF.

Test maps/Quebec
Map Scale Test

Lake Ontario - Partial (8.5 x 11)                                      Port George, N.S. (8.5 x 11)

Ontario by Constituency - Great Lakes
PDF version of 11" x 17" printed map:

NOTE: Due to the size of this PDF file, you may want to save it to your local drive first before viewing it.
- (637 Kb) requires Adobe Acrobat (right-click link to save file locally)

Sample map drill-down system:

Regional Overviews   

Sample Quillfire enhanced web map:

5801finaltest.gif (25286 bytes)

Harbour test map:

schnatscrn.gif (25636 bytes)

Other Quillfire services:

Web Site Development
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